We are living in a digital age where topics – whether true or false – have the power to spread rapidly online ranging from more comical conspiracy theories to others that could be interesting for other reasons, and Dekonspira is an application that gives you the ability to explore what’s trending now along with what happened in the past.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and semiotic search in particular, Dekonspira opens new doors by allowing users to understand the spread of conspiracies online, including where they started and why they gained popularity.

The company is focused on being an independent curator of content where the proprietary technology behind the app is what truly creates the user experience and there’s no stance taken on whether conspiracies/topics are true or false. The ability to see connections between topics is what’s most exciting regardless of what the topics may be.

The Dekonspira team is looking forward to the next steps as we roll out new features in the near future. Be sure to sign-up for our newsletter to stay in the loop!